L.E.D. Lighting & Power Source

We offer a great selection of L.E.D. Lighting & Power Source marine accessories products

SCM-10-CC / SCM-10-CC Underwater Light


NEW!! - ShadowCaster has done it again with it's new multi-color LED underwater light. Simple to install and to use, a single toggle switch changes the colors and a momentary switch switches modes from manuel to automatic color changing. Backed by a 2 year warranty and is the same high quality as the rest of the ShadowCaster line. Includes 20 feet of tinned copper wire.

SCM-10 GR / Shadow Caster SCM-10


Available in 4 Brilliant LED colors:

Great White - Brightest. If your looking for simple and bright then look no further. Aqua Green - Perceived as the best for attracting fish, easily penetrates the water. Bimini Blue - Most Popular. The light blue color penetrates the water, attracts sea life, adds amazing ambiance to your night life on the water. Makes brown murky water behind your boat look like a swimming pool! Ultra-Blue - Deep blue with a component of ultra-violet light brings a high-tech ambiance to the water around you, causes fluorescent objects to illuminate, attracts sea life, gives your boat a distinguishable look. Low power consumption  Internal digital switching power supply operates at 94% efficiency, making it ideal for any size boat. Current draw is only 3.5 amps at 12 volts. No extra modules required - Entirely self contained, there is no additional driver or power supply to install. High Intensity  Careful thermal management allows high intensity with light output of over 2000 lumen

LED-SP-Blue / LED Strip Lighting


These L.E.D. spools have many, many uses in the boat or auto. Simply hook up to your switched 12 volt power source and have reliable low draw lighting. Use for back lighting, panel lighting, in the console or cabin, etc. Waterproof to hose off but not designed for underwater use. Comes in a 16 foot spool and can be cut if needed and has wire on each end if you need to use both pieces when cut. 3M adhesive sticks to most any clean smooth surface.

USB / USB & 12 Volt Power


Keep your GoPro & IPOD charging and ready to go with this convienient power source. Not only supply your 12 volt accessories through a stainless steel recepticle but now add a twin USB power supply for items like Go Pro cameras, IPOD, and others. The twin USB charging port is marine-grade and has a cap to seal when not in use. Simple hook up to your 12 volt system. Stainless fasteners and wireing included. Measures; 6.25", 4.875", & 3.25" inches long and all are approx. 2.25" tall