Fishing Rod Racks

We offer a great selection of Fishing Rod Racks marine accessories products

V-12 / V-12 Rod Rack


Nothing on the market compares, the V-12 Rod Rack is the ideal way to store your tackle. Starboard marine polymer construction permits washdown of tackle at the dock after fishing. The V-12 is designed to allow rod butts to rest on floor so long rods do not touch the ceiling when stored and has a small footprint (15x15) for maximum use of floor space. Use this attractive rod rack in the house or at the dock. The best Starboard rack on the market! Lifetime warranty

PR-4 / PR-4 Portable Rod Rack


Securely carry up to 4 rods and reels with one hand! Keeps rods and reels elevated from ground and separated from each other to help prevent damage to expensive tackle. Provides room to stagger reels to prevent rubbing and fits standard and long fore grip rods, conventional and spinning tackle. Added feet helps stop rack from sliding in truck beds. Tough marine-grade polymer construction. Stows easily when not in use. Doubles as a home rod rack and may be wall mounted vertically with optional wall bracket if desired. Lifetime Warranty

RB-3 / RB-3 Bent Butt Rack


This unique rod rack is designed specifically for holding your bent butt rods. Traditionally bent butts are leaned in the corner or disassembled for storage, the new RB-3 allows compact storage and wash down of your tackle. Constructed of 100% marine-grade polymer (Starboard) this rack is as functional as it is attractive. Seafoam (beige) and white color with six gill design will display your rods in style. Lifetime warranty

FS-48-IN / FS-48-IN Rod Rack


Made out of Color Core Starboard Holds 48 Fishing Rods Mahi design on one side- Marlin on other side

HR-48 / HR-48 Rod Rack


The HR-48 and HR-24 vertical rod racks are constructed of 100% marine-grade polymer and are ideal for wall mounting and displaying your tackle. The HR-48 holds up to 8 rods on 6" centers and the HR-24 holds 6 rods on 4" centers for smaller rods. All stainless steel mounting hardware is included. Lifetime warranty HR-24 22 1/2" L X 3 1/2" W X 3 1/4" (Top piece 2 1/4" and 3 1/4" Base piece Height) HR-48 46" L X 3 1/2" W X 3 1/4" (Top piece 2 1/4" and 3 1/4" Base piece Height)

RH-1 / RH Series


Is there ever enough rod storage? The RH series rod holders offer many options to store rods vertically in your boat or home. Ours are designed to mount on flat or curved surfaces and include all stainless mounting hardware. Lifetime Warranty


RH-2 is 12" x 12" x3.5" RH-3 is 12" x 12" x3.5" RH-4 is 18" x 12" x3.5" RH-5 is 23" x 12" x3.5" RH-6 is 25" x 12" x3.5"

FS-18-In-BLUE / FS-18 Rod Rack


This high quality rod rack is ideal for the home or on the dock. Constructed of Starboard ColorCore, the FS-18 is as attractive as it is functional. Holds 18 rods or approx 8-12 rods with reels depending on size. When you are done fishing for the day just put the rods in the rack and hose down!. Offshore has Tuna & Tarpon engraved on the sides and the inshore version has Snook & Tarpon. Measures 35" tall x 11" wide x 20". Lifetime warranty Aviable in color Blue-White-Blue or Black-White-Black

RB-1 / RB-1 Bent Butt Bracket


Need to store your bent butt rod and either have no floor space or only need to store one rod? The RB-1 is designed for that. Simply screw to the wall and your bent butt rod is no longer leaning in the corner or laying down. Lifetime warranty