Tackle/Boat Storage / TK-5

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TK-1 Storage - $249.00
TK-5 Tackle - $269.00
P-3740 - $12.99
P-3700 - $7.99
TK-1L Lockable Storage - $267.00
TK-5L Lockable Storage - $287.00


  • Versatile Tackle/Storage Box
  • Holds (5) 9" x 14" x 2" Plano Boxes or Available Empty For Storage
  • Opens Either Left or right
  • All Stainless Hardware
  • 100% Marine-grade Polymer
  • Lifetime Warranty


This tackle storage box has several advantages over some others. The door can open left or right by rotating the box 180 degrees. The TK-5 is also available to hold 5 plano boxes or simply as a storage box for any number of small items. Constructed of 100% marine-grade polymer for a lifetime of use it also includes our exclusive no-screw-seen stainless hinges. Another option is a locking latch if desired. Use your own Plano boxes or order some new standard or waterproof boxes if needed. Dimensions; cut out; 12 7/8" tall x 10 5/16" wide. Overall: 15 1/4" tall x 12 5/16" wide x 14 1/2" deep. Lifetime Warranty

How To Order

TK-5 is tackle storage box to hold (5) 9" x 14" x 2" boxes, if you need boxes choose between standard or waterproof. Locking latch is available, order TK-1L or TK-5L. TK-1 is the open storage box and TK-5 has shelves for tackle boxes.