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EL-4 Solo Cup Holder
EL-4 Solo Cup Holder
EL-4 Solo Cup Holder

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EL-4 - $22.99


  • Hold 4 Plastic Cups
  • Ideal for Carrying Up To 4 Solo Cups
  • Simple Compact Design
  • 100% Marine-Grade Ploymer
  • Lifetime Warranty


This is the ideal way to carry and serve up to 4 drinks. Designed to hold the common plastic cup the EL-4 makes your party more convienient by being able to pour, and carry up to 4 drinks. 100% marine-grade polymer means its designed to last a lifetime. Includes suction cups for smooth surface or works as a non skid pad for other surfaces. Measures; 10" x 10". See our complete line of cup holders, we make a version for nearly every occasion. Lifetime warranty

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