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GLB-1-4 Gig Light Bracket
GLB-1-4 Gig Light Bracket
GLB-1-4 Gig Light Bracket
GLB-1-4 Gig Light Bracket

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GLB-1-4 - $329.99
GLB-1-6 - $429.99
GLB-1-10 - $589.99
GLB-1.25-4 - $329.00
GLB-1.25-6 - $429.00
GLB-1.25-10 - $589.00


  • Gig Light Attaches To Trolling Motor Shaft
  • Super Bright ShadowCaster Technology
  • Adjustable Angle For Optimum Viewing
  • 4, 6, or 10 L.E.D. Versions Available
  • 2 Year Warranty On Light
  • Lifetime Warranty On Bracket

Product Specification

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The GLB series of "gig" light brackets hold 3 different ShadowCaster underwater L.E.D. lights and attaches to several different trolling motor shaft sizes. These lights are the best in the industry and are used by most all boat manufacturers so it will work for you for many years. Lobster bully netting, gigging, even shrimping, this option will free up one hand and aim your boat at the same time. Includes 10 feet of tinned wire and everything you need to attach to your trolling motor. NOTE; fits all 1" and 1 1/4" diameter shafts

How To Order

GLB-1-4 is the 4 L.E.D. version, GLB-1-6 is the 6 L.E.D. version, GLB-1-10 is the 10 L.E.D version. the GLB-1 series fits 1" dia. shaft and the GLB-1.25 fits 1 1/4" dia. shafts