Large Boat Filet Table / DSX-1 Deck Socket Set

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DSX-1 Deck Socket Set
DSX-1 Deck Socket Set
DSX-1 Deck Socket Set

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DSX-1 - $39.99


  • Deck Socket Set
  • Easily Mounts Large Tables And Is Removable
  • FTB-40 Requires 2 Sets
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • All Mounting Hardware Included


The DSX Deck Socket kit makes mounting large tables a snap. Deck socket mounts to the boat and male end mounts to the table. Includes rubber cap and stainless mounting hardware.

How To Order

1 set includes 1 male/female and rubber cap. Order 2 of these sets for FTB-40 table. Custom size tables less than 30" can use one set. When the socket is engaged the height 1 1/4"