Large Boat Filet Table / TFT- Tournament Filet Table

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TFT- Tournament Filet Table
TFT- Tournament Filet Table
TFT- Tournament Filet Table
TFT- Tournament Filet Table

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TFT Tournament Filet Table - $469.00
TFT- ENGRAVE - $75.00
TFT-Drawers Set - $215.00


  • 35” of Premium Cutting Surface
  • (4) Deep Compartments
  • Hook bar, magnetic strips
  • Dual Side Stations
  • Engraved Ruler
  • Overall Size 45 3/4" x 22"


Tournament Fillet Table includes a spooler, spoiler board, dual side stations, (4) deep compartments , hook bar, magnetic strips, knife holder, pliers holder, bait net holder, Deep Blue braid buster, Bimini eye to cinch hooks on, knife strap, engraved ruler all made out of Kings Color Core Starboard, with 35” of premium cutting surface Also works great for the Cobb Grill, food preparation, and anytime a flat surface is needed. Once you use one you will wonder how you did without it.

How To Order

FTF is the Fishing Tournament Filet Table (all addons included) FTF ENGRAVE- is the option for engraving on backsplash of table. Please add your boat name or logo to the comment section of the final order screen TFT-Drawer Set - two drawers (starboard slides) boxed in on the bottom

Deep Blue Marine is not responsible for mounting these tables, that is up to the buyer